824 KSU (8x24)

Norstar 824 DS DR5 Software Data Cartridge (NT5B24)

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Norstar 824 'DS' Data Cartridge with DR5 Software

The Norstar 824 'DS' will provide users with the data cartridge, along with being equipped with the DR5 software.


  • 8 Lines and 24 Extensions
  • DR5 Software Included
  • Data Cartridge Included
  • DS unit
  • Caller ID Capabilities


  • Compatible with all Norstar phones
  • All Fast Rads, ATA's VMI, CTAs and NRUs are compatible with 8x24 DR5 software
  • SMDR3 and higher are compatible
  • Compatible with NAM, Startalk Flash, Startalk A,B,C and MINI Voicemails

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