VTech Rebrands Business Products Under Snom

VTech Rebrands Business Products Under Snom

VTech Communications, Inc. is a global leader and manufacturer of business phones and consumer products. Recently, they announced their decision to adopt the Snom brand for their SIP-based business products which includes SIP desktop, cordless and conference phones. Snom is a leading brand for professional and enterprise VoIP telephones. VTech is choosing to rebrand a portion of its products to the Snom brand in order to have a stronger, more extensive brand offering.

VTech acquired Snom Technology AG, or Snom, in November 2016. After the announcement, Snom became a wholly owned subsidiary of VTech. Under the agreement reached between the two companies, VTech would possess 100% of the share capital of Snom.

Since VTech’s acquisition of Snom, the companies have shared success. VTech was able to widen their share of the business phone market, while Snom was able to reach new customers and utilize Vtech’s world class manufacturing capabilities.

Within the first two years, Snom released thirteen major products, resulting in increased options for their customers. Some of these products included the D735 and its energy saving proximity sensor and the A170 wireless DECT headset. Each of these innovative products were released after the acquisition. During this two year period Snom also expanded its global software branches, extending from its headquarters in Berlin to centers in Vancouver, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Snom was able to maintain its strong brand identity, and continue to provide innovative and high quality telecommunication products. Now, in 2019, we will see their brand resurface across VTech business products.

Chad Collins, VP of sales in America for VTech Communications, Inc., states, “Snom was one of the first designers of SIP based devices, with over twenty years of presence in the market, making it a well-recognized brand within this product category. Snom’s international footprint makes it the logical choice for expansion into North America.”

VTech is excited to take their acquisition of Snom to the next level and exhibited an assortment of Snom’s SIP-based business and desktop conference phones at the Channel Partners Conference and Expo in April 2019.

For more Information about the rebrand and future Snom products visit http://www.snomamericas.com/.

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