The Significance of Digital Customer Experience

The Significance of Digital Customer Experience

There is no greater advantage to a company than providing a positive customer experience. Over the years, the world of customer experience has expanded to include avenues such as websites, apps and social media pages. This growth proves digital customer experience is just as valuable, if not more valuable, than traditional customer experience. Here are a few important factors to developing a strong and memorable digital experience for customers.

Don’t Forget About Mobile 

As recently as 2016, mobile phone and tablet usage has exceeded desktop computers. Consumers are also much more likely to seek out digital support on either a website or mobile app, rather than speak to a representative over the phone. With trends like these, paths to purchases are linked to and increase with more positive digital experiences. 

Brand Consistency 

Digital customer experience means engaging with consumers across all digital platforms. It is important to be consistent on these platforms, in order to appear knowledgeable and provide the best possible experience. A consumers view of your company brand is contingent on the sum of all interactions had with them. At the end of the day, consistency yields loyalty. 

Convenience Is Key

Consumers today value time over anything else. In fact, 40% of consumers will abandon a webpage if it takes more than three seconds to load. You can make experiences convenient for customers by making website transactions as quick as possible, or by asking for less information at checkout. Offering more efficient payment options also increases convenience for customers, such as PayPal or Apple Pay. It also helps to sell products on platforms such as Amazon and other marketplace websites so customers have the ability to purchase multiple items from different markets, all in one place. Convenience is key when it comes to digital experience.

Listen to Feedback 

An important factor to ensuring customers have a positive digital experience, is allowing them to provide feedback. Some useful tools include social listening and text analytics. These tools can provide help feedback that can be utilized to improve everything from your own marketing campaign to product development. 

Here at Atlas Phones

At Atlas Phones we have a high speed, fully detailed website for consumer’s convenience. We also feature our products through Amazon marketplace so that consumers can purchase a range of phones at great prices, in the same place as many of their other favorite products. Customer feedback is welcomed, and questions can be answered via telephone but also email! We are all about convenience and customer service, even on the digital level.

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