The Next Level of Voicemail

Are you getting the most out of your voicemail? With the newest versions of voicemail users are finding it to be more functional and convenient than ever. Users now have the ability to read messages received in a different language, send voicemails to entire groups, customize their voicemail login and even CC supervisors on important voicemails.

Multiple Languages

With Google Speech service, users are now able to receive voicemail transcriptions in different languages. This is beneficial for both the sender and the receiver, where both can read and send messages in the language they feel most comfortable, without having to worry about a possible language barrier. This is made possible by the translation option of the service. The sender will use their preferred language service, such as English or French, and the receiver has the ability to translate the message upon receiving it.

Voicemail Groups

Users can now leave voicemails to as many people as they’d like. They can do so by setting up voicemail destinations such as specific departments, entire floors or even the entire company.

Login Options

Users also have the ability to choose the minimum or maximum length of their voicemail PIN, as well as customize their login. This customizable option provides better security, where logging in with your set email and password allows only you to see the voicemail page. This helps to prevent future voicemail hacks and security issues.
There is also the ability for administrators to review all voicemails from a specific mailbox in the system. The administrator can listen to and screen all incoming voicemails. This gives supervisors the option to listen to voicemails themselves if an issue or question specific to them arises.

Customizable Template

Many voicemail services offer customizable email templates. This includes the “voicemail from” email sent out to users receiving the message. You can customize who it is from, the subject and what the message says. This allows you to keep your template as professional or as casual as you would like.
In addition to customizing your email template, you can add multiple recipients to emails. You can CC supervisors on important voicemails to ensure everyone hears the message.


Voicemail has become much more than annoying messages left by coworkers or family members. With these new functions, voicemail can now make your work days more productive and efficient. Many services support collaboration and provide you with the ability to take your voicemail to the next level.

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