The Konftel 300Wx: A Wireless Win

The Konftel 300Wx continues to be the best selling wireless conference phone on the market. This comes as no surprise with its 60 hours of call time, expansion microphones and mobile app support. In addition to these, here are the best features of the Konftel 300Wx that make this conference phone a wireless win.

Wireless Connection

The Konftel 300Wx makes it easy to get started. It can be paired with either an IP or analog base station, depending on your company’s telephony needs. When paired with the Konftel IP DECT 10, it delivers wireless conference calls in HD quality through your IP Telephony system. Each IP DECT 10 can hold as many as 20 registered Konftel 300 Wx devices and 5 outgoing calls.

If an analog base is more suitable, the Konftel DECT analog base can be connected via an analog extension. This base has a range of up to 300 meters in open areas and up to 50 meters indoors. Both base systems have a powerful battery life of 60 hours, equaling an entire weeks worth of conference calls!

Highest Quality Audio

The Konftel 300Wx comes with patented Omnisound audio technology for clear, natural sound. And with expansion headphones, you have the option of holding large conferences with up to 20 people in the room, without sacrificing superior sound quality.

Easy Management

Through the Konftel Unite Adapter, you can pair your Konftel 300 Wx with the handy Konftel Unite App. This app allows you to manage the conference phone effortlessly. You can control the phone’s functions during meetings from wherever you are in the room. The One Touch conferencing capability also grants users the ability the join a conference call with the simple touch of a button.

Perfect for Collaboration

Using your favorite collaboration apps is easy with the Konftel 300Wx’s USB port. You can easily connect through Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, Avaya Equinox or Google Hangouts. You even have the option to add callers via mobile phone and connected cable or through DECT USB. You can use the line selector to quickly switch between both of these options with ease. The Konftel 300Wx also includes a conference guide with a step by step guide to creating a multi-party call and even how to save your call groups. The Konftel 300Wx makes it easy for everyone to stay connected.

With all its great capabilities, it is easy to understand why the Konftel 300Wx remains the best selling conference phone. It is the perfect phone for collaboration and functionality. You can check this model out today at

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