Better Together: Plantronics and Polycom are now “Poly”

Polycom is now a part of Plantronics, after the $2 Billion purchase last summer. Together, they have transformed into Poly, a company now focused on human connection within communication and technological collaboration.

Their aim is to make the connection through technology as natural and genuine as it is in person. The company states, “our technology will keep that connection strong and fuel a future of collaboration and understanding, in spite of circumstances, distance or time zones.”

The word “Poly” means many, and is intended to represent the multitude of communication modes the company is now able to offer. They will combine the audio and video capabilities of Plantronics, with the collaboration technology of Polycom and their unified communication systems.

This combination will include the software, soundscaping and headset power of Plantronics and the conference, video and desktop telecommunication services of Polycom. They intend to promote seamless integration, productivity, and intelligent connections.

In a missive to partners, Poly states they are a "new champion for technology that connects people, not just things.” Partners can expect to see growth opportunities through Poly’s new software and service offerings, and through their push for more audio and visual technologies in office spaces.

Poly has made it their mission to transform the way we think about business communication. Poly CEO and president, Joe Burton summarizes, “We see a limitless opportunity for how people communicate and collaborate today. With advancements in AI, machine learning and new technologies, we see a future where Poly makes the connection, then quietly steps out of the way to become the one thing you don’t notice in the meeting.”  

This rebranding ultimately has the opportunity to give Poly a great advantage in the unified communications market.

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