Spectralink Versity 9540 Smartphone (KBK9540100)

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Spectralink Versity 9540 Smartphone

The Spectralink Versity 9540 Smartphone offers best-in-class Wi-Fi coverage to keep employees connected. The Versity 95 series can measure up to the toughest enterprise requirements without compromising style, flexibility or performance.


  • Proprietary VQO technology ensures crystal clear communication and superior voice quality while roaming, with echo and noise cancellation
  • Uninterrupted communication around the clock
  • True hot swappable batteries enable zero downtime, even while the phone is in use
  • Android platform helps you keep pace with new mobile technologies
  • Integration with the industry’s largest ecosystem of application partners supports your business workflows
  • Only 12.2 mm thick, Versity delivers the sleekest, lightest enterprise smartphone on the market
  • Durable, IP68 rated. Resistant to dust, drops and liquids, it helps achieve optimal performance in the harshest environments


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