Shoretel ShoreGear (SG) Voice Switches

ShoreTel ShoreGear Dual Rack Mount Tray (10223)

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ShoreTel Dual Rackmount Tray (620-1057-02)

The ShoreTel Dual Rackmount Tray allows mounting of one or two ShoreTel half-width voice switches. This rack can be secured in either a single 1 U 19-inch rack position or on a wall.


  • Contains the parts required to mount two half-width switches into a 19-inch rack
  • Can accommodate up to two ShoreTel ShoreGear voice switches side-by-side


  • Mounting half-width switches on a wall requires the installation of two wall mount brackets onto the Dual Tray.
  • The ShoreTel Dual Tray Wall Mount Kit provides additional equipment and instructions required to mount the switches on a wall.
  • Weight: 3.7 lbs
  • (14.6"D x 1.7"H x 19.1"W)


  • ShoreTel ShoreGear 30, 50, 50V, 90, 90V, T1K, 220T1, and 220T1A voice switches

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