SoundStations for Nortel Meridian and Norstar

Polycom SoundStation Premier 500D for Nortel Meridian (2200-08120-001)

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Polycom 500D (2200-08120-001)

For Nortel Meridian Systems

For Nortel Meridian users, the Polycom SoundStation Premier 500D will produce crystal clear communication for its users. By connecting the 500D directly into a Meridian PBX digital wall jack your conference unit will be ready to go.


  • Direct Connect - Connects directly to any Meridian voice port that supports Meridian digital telephone sets (except MBS CENTREX ® phone sets).
  • Full-Duplex Conferencing Performance - Polycom's Acoustic Clarity Technology™ lets you talk as naturally as speaking face-to-face
  • Privacy Phone - Attach a Meridian telephone to the auxiliary phone jack and lift the handset during a conference call to "take the call private," muting all system microphones and the speaker
  • One Year Warranty


  • Compatible ONLY with Nortel Meridian systems
  • Not compatible with Norstar 616, 824, Plus, CICS, or MICS
  • Dependent upon Meridian configuration


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