SoundStation 2 / SoundStations for Avaya Aura and Definity

Polycom SoundStation 2 Avaya 2490 Conference Phone (2305-16375-001)

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Polycom SoundStation 2 Avaya 2490 (2305-16375-001)

For Definity 6400/7400/8400 Ports

For Avaya Definity users, the Polycom SoundStation 2 allows for a direct connection between the soundstation and a definity ECS digital wall jack. You can forget the analog port, adapter, and any other complicated connections. This device allows for a clear direct connection that will give you the advantage of natural two-way conversations.


  • Function buttons: Conference button, Flash button, Menu Navigation Keys and Mute buttons.
  • Acoustic Clarity Technology, while Dynamic Noise Reduction automatically reduces room background noise for clearer sound and more efficient conferencing.
  • 360 degree coverage is provided by three cardioid microphones so that everybody in the room can be heard clearly.
  • Intelligent microphone mixing selects the microphone closest to the person speaking, to eliminate extraneous background noise.
  • With optional extension microphones you can increase coverage for larger size rooms.
  • A convenient back-lit graphical display gives easy access to important call information.
  • A 2.5 mm applications port provides connection to other communication devices such as mobile phones and computers.
  • Our One Year Warranty Included


  • Direct Connection to Avaya Definity - Connects directly to your Definity digital telephone port (6400/7400/8400 series)

Package Includes

  • Polycom 2490 Unit
  • Interface Module
  • Power Supply
  • (4) Phone Cords
  • Software Disc


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