Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones w/ AC (PoE -25)

Polycom SoundPoint Pro SE-220 Conference Phone (2200-06315-001)

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Polycom SoundPoint Pro SE-220 (2200-06315-001)

Polycom SoundPoint Pro SE-220 delivers a phone capable of many purposes. This phone integrates a headset and handset to allow for hands-free voice conferencing. The Pro SE-220 is suited as a personal business phone or as a office deskphone.


  • All-in-one communications at your finger-tips conferencing, handset, and headset support
  • High-quality voice clarity with full-duplex conferencing for natural two-way conversations
  • Easy-to-install and use, Plugs directly into power outlet and standard analog telephone jack
  • Speaker volume: Adjustable to 81 dB at 1/2 meter peak volume
  • Microphone type: Cardoid
  • Audio bandwidth: 300 - 3300 Hz
  • Easily switches between speakerphone, headset, and handset modes
  • LCD display shows number dialed, length of call, and other useful information
  • 36-entry phone book
  • 99-number incoming and outgoing call history directories let you easily access past call information
  • Distinctive rings for each line
  • LED Indicator
  • FSK and expanded PBX message waiting indicator
  • Nonvolatile RAM protects stored information if power is lost
  • 4-Way Independent Volume Control with Memory
  • Headset capability: 2.5 mm headset jack, button
  • One Year Warranty


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