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Avaya Partner Plus R2.0 Processor (106413172)

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Partner Plus R2.0 Processor (6060-PP20)

The Partner Plus R2.0 Processor will allow for users to connect their fax machines, answering machine, modems and credit card scanners directly to their telephone system.


  • Connects up to 8 outside lines and 24 extensions
  • Uses interchangeable parts, making the system easy to install, maintain, and upgrade
  • Supports industry-standard touch-tone and rotary telephones
  • Displays prompts and messages to guide you when you program the system, making it easy for you to change the way the system and phones are programmed
  • Includes flexible dialing restrictions and permissions that let you control telephone activity and phone bills
  • Includes a special procedure to customize system operation for Centrex/PBX telephone service
  • Supports additional applications such as auto attendants, doorphones, paging systems, hotlines, external alerts, or music-on-hold systems

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