Remote Access Devices (RADs)

Norstar RAD Remote Access Device (NT8B80)

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Nortel Norstar RAD (NT8B80)

The Nortel Norstar RAD is a remote access software package that will provide users with a central terminal operator that will connect to their existing KSU.


  • Provides Remote Access for Maintenance and Programming to Norstar Systems
  • Requires One Unused Station Port
  • Can Provide Auto Answer Capabilities
  • Provides the means to configure multiple Norstar KSUs from one central location or
    to program on-site through a central terminal
  • Controls all Data Communication Access to the KSU


  • Compatible with 3X8 DR5.1, 6X16 DR2 or higher, 8X24 DR2,3,5 and 5.1
  • Compatible with MICS, CICS and BCM
  • Norstar Manager Software Required for Remote Programming
  • Not Compatible with Remote Set or Remote Tools Software

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