Copper Applications Module (NAM)

Norstar NAM8 R4.1 Voicemail Applications Module - Copper (NT5B75)

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Norstar Voicemail Applications MOD Copper NAM 8 R4.1

The Nortel Norstar Voicemail Applications MOD will provide users with a Copper NAM and immediate use of 8 channels with R4.1.


  • 8 channels - 32 channels (maximum)
  • 100 Hours Total Storage
  • 1000 Mailboxes
  • Integrated Auto Attendant
  • Provides languages for English, Spanish and French
  • Norstar Voice Mail is packaged with MINUET ACD and Norstar Voice Mail Manager


  • Software 4.1 Included
  • NAM Unit
  • 16MB RAM


  • Compatible with Norstar DR5 3x8, DR5 6x16, DR5 8x24, Centrex Plus, Modular ICS T1,
    Modular ICS XL and XC, and Compact ICS

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