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Norstar MICS Modular ICS 0x32 KSU w/ R7.1 Software

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Norstar MICS (0x32) Modular ICS w R7.1 Software (NT7B53FA)

The Norstar MICS 0x32 Modular ICS with R7.1 Software will provide users with the most power and speed ever available in their business communication system. This Norstar Modular will allow for easy expansion and versatility, making it perfect for your business. This device comes equipped with 0 lines and 32 stations.


  • Two universal slots for use with either analog or digital line/trunk cartridges
  • Core unit supports 32 stations ports
  • Allows growth for up to 272-ports in various combinations of lines and expansion levels
  • Supports Analog Station Modules for the addition of analog single line devices
  • Supports ISDN-BRI, PRI and T1 digital services


  • M7000 Series Telephones
  • T7000 Series Telephones
  • StarTalk Flash Voicemail
  • CallPilot 100/150 Voicemail

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