Call Center Licensing Norstar CallPilot 100/150

Nortel CallPilot Enhanced Call Center Authorization Code (NTKC0128)

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Norstar CallPilot Enhanced Call Center (NTKC0128)

Nortel Networks Norstar Call Pilot 150 Enhanced Call Center Key Code Product Code: NTCK0128.

The Norstar Enhanced Call Center System for the CallPilot 150 is compatible with the Norstar Compact and Modular Integrated Communications Systems.

This Call Center supports 100 configured agents, 10 active agents, 20 routing steps/skillset, 50 built-in announcements, 30 lines, 16 Supervisors, 30 simultaneous incoming calls in the system, and all agents can be supervisors, and much more. Can expand upto 50 active agents see Call Pilot 150 Active Agents Key Code Upgrade. Fully functional informal Call Center featuring Call Queuing, Routing, Reporting, and Supervisory Functions.

Skill-based routing ensures the caller gets the appropriate support person for call center functionality in a small business environment. Intelligent Overflow rules for each Skillset. The Basic Call Center provides 50 agents of ACD applications Includes Call Center Reports

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