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NEC Univerge SV8300 CC-CP00 CPU Circuit Card (670006)

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NEC Univerge SV8300 CC-CP00 CPU Circuit Card (670006)

The NEC Univerge SV8300 CC-CP00 CPU Circuit Card is the main processor for the SV8300 and controls all the functions and operations using the system software loaded into memory. The CC-CP00 CPU can be set up in either a Single CPU or Dual CPU configuration for redundancy, at the expense of additional VoIP resources. In addition, the CPU card has time switch, MOH tone, and external source control functions.


  • Controls all functions and operations of SV8300
  • Includes 32-Bit CPU Main Processing circuit
  • Provides the following additional functions:
  • (A) Time Switch
  • (B) MOH Tone circuit
  • (C) External Source Control circuit
  • (D) PZ-VM21 Interface circuit
  • (E) Optional Blade Control circuit
  • (F) System Program and System Data Storing Memory circuit
  • (G) USB Interface circuit
  • (H) PZ-BS10/PZ-BS11 Interface circuit
  • (I) Backboard Interface circuit
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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