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NEC SL2100 IP Quick Start Kit (Q24-FR000000136969)

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NEC SL2100 IP Quick Start Kit (Q24-FR000000136969)

The NEC SL2100 IP Quick Start Kit includes what you need to get started with a VoIP system with (2) SIP Trunking Licenses, Email Notification, (2) SIP Station Licenses, and (4) NEC SL2100 Self-Labeling IP Telephones. The SL2100 IP kit can be used as the base for IP applications: where trunk and/or station cards are not required, but can also be added later on.

The NEC SL2100 IP Quick Start Kit (Q24-FR000000136969) Includes:
  • (1) BE116491 - SL2100 Chassis
  • (1) BE116496 - SL2100 CPU Card, pre-loaded with: Email Notification License (BE116751), (2) SIP Trunk Licenses (BE116745),(2) SIP Station Licenses (BE116746)
  • (4) BE117453 - SL2100 Self-Labeling IP Telephones


  • 8 VoIP channels
  • 4 ports of InMail/VRS with 2 InMail storage hours
  • 4 Mobile Extension Clients
  • Telephony Resources – for DTMF, Dial Tone/Busy Tone detection, and FSK Caller ID receiver/sender
  • Tone Sender – for system tones and DTMF
  • Conference Resources
  • CPU Card contains connector for VoIP Daughter Board (VOIPDB), connector for Expansion Card (EXIFB), connector for SD card (for additional InMail storage)
  • 4 slots for station cards
  • Connector for external backup battery
  • Slide-in card slots allow for easy installation and maintenance
  • Wall mountable
  • Includes power supply and power cord
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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