NEC Nitsuko DX2NA-32CPRU-S1 Central Processing Unit (92005)

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NEC Nitsuko DX2NA-32CPRU-S1 Central Processing Unit (92005)


  • The system’s central processing, stored program and memory for the customer’s site-specific data
  • Mode switch for hot (customer data) or cold (default data) start on power-up
  • Battery for short term (14 day) backup of the customer’s site-specific data
  • Music on Hold jumper which allows you to select an external or internal source for Music on Hold
  • Two DIP switches- one for data loading (RAM or disk) - one not used  
  • Volume Controls for Music on Hold and Background Music
  • DDK connectors for external Background Music or Music on Hold
  • One RES reset switch (warm boot) 
  • Eight diagnostic LEDs
  • Installs in the CPRU slot in the Main cabinet
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


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