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Mitel PKM Interface Module V2 (50005662)

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Mitel PKM Interface Module V2

The Mitel PKM Interface Module V2 is a Mitel phone part designed to connect to a Mitel Personal Key Manager. This Mitel Interface plugs into the base of the Mitel IP phone and provides a port to connect the personal key manager. The PKM does not block the PC port and allows users to still use their phone's integrated Ethernet switch.


  • Provides connectivity for Mitel PKM
  • Does not interfere with the Ethernet Switch
  • Used to connect IP PKM 12 or IP PKM 48 to compatible Mitel Phone


  • System Software Requirements:
  • MCD Release 4.1 SP3 and later software
  • 5000 Communications Platform Release 3.2 and later software
  • SX-200 ICP Release 4.0 UR5 and later software


  • Compatible with Mitel 5220/5224/5235/5324/5330/5340/8528/8568
  • For 5220/8528/8568: Requires 24VDC (not included)
  • For 5224/5235/5324/5330/5340: Can use PoE or 48VDC (not included)

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