Mitel MiVoice 5300 Series IP Phones

Mitel DECT Cordless Accessories Module (50005521)

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Mitel DECT Cordless Accessories Module (50005521)

The Mitel 50005521 Cordless Accessories Module will fit on the back of your Mitel 5330, 5340 or 5360 and will add DECT wireless capabilities to your phone. This module allows you to connect the Mitel Cordless Handset and/or Wireless Headset providing users the ability to answer and end calls with the need for a handset lifter like many other wireless headset devices.


  • For use on 5330/5340/5360 IP Phones
  • Supports Cordless Handset and/or Headset accessories
  • Supports Power Over Ethernet


  • Mitel 5330, 5330e, 5340, 5340e & 5360
  • 3300 ICP, Release 8.0, UR1
  • SX-200 ICP, Release 4.0 (UR3)
  • Not Supported on SIP Phones
  • Component of P/Ns 50005711 and 50005712 Bundles

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