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Mitel 5422 PKM Interface Module (50002825)

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Mitel 5422 PKM Module

The Mitel 5422 PKM Module connects to the base of a compatible Mitel phone to allow connection to a 5448 PKM 48 button DSS/BLF unit or 5412 PKM. In order to use the 5422 IM it requires a separate plug top PSU.


  • Can support one 5412 PKM or up to two 5448 PKMs


  • Compatible with Mitel 5220/5224/5235/5324/5330/5340/8528/8568
  • For 5220/8528/8568: Requires 24VDC (not included)
  • For 5224/5235/5324/5330/5340: Can use PoE or 48VDC (not included)

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