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Mitel 4110 Inter-Tel 1250 8-Button Full Duplex Phone (LR5829.06200)

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Mitel 4110 Inter-Tel 1250 Telephone

The Mitel 3000 8-Button Full Duplex Phone has a powerful menu that is easy for the user to control the features and functions of this phone. This model has a medium-sized 4x24 character display with six soft keys for activating features. In addition there are eight programmable keys along with four fixed function keys, making the Mitel 3000 8-Button phone a perfect fit in your office.


  • Model 4110 (LR5829.06200)
  • Model 1250 (618.5115)


  • Display: 4x24 character
  • Powerful menu design
  • Soft keys: six
  • Programmable keys: eight
  • Fixed function keys: four
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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