Avaya Merlin Messaging Release 3.0 - 0 Ports (617D49)
Merlin Messaging Voicemail

Avaya Merlin Messaging Release 3.0 - 0 Ports (617D49)

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Merlin Messaging Release 3.0 - 0 Ports(617D49)


  • 0 Ports Included - Expandable from 2 to 12 Ports with Merlin Messaging Port Cards
  • Mailboxes: 200 with 6,000 minutes (100 hours)
  • Up to 200 subscribers
  • Easy Administration through LAN using a Windows based PC
  • Automated Attendant Service: Provides 4 automated attendants and presents callers with a list of options.
  • Voice Mail Service
  • Call Answer Service
  • Delay Announcement Service (DAS)
  • Mailbox Management Made Simple


  • Compatible with all releases of Merlin Magix and Merlin Legend Release 7.0
  • Clamshell required for Merlin Legend Systems or Merlin Magix Systems with plastic
  • Basic Control Unit or plastic Merlin Legend Expansion Unit Clamshell not required for Merlin Magix Systems with metal Merlin Magix Basic Carrier or metal Merlin Magix Expansion.

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