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MCK CITEL Universal 6000 EXTender 12 Port (E-6000Z-RUM12)

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MCK CITEL Universal 6000 EXTender 12 Port- E-6000Z-RUM12, E-6000-RUM12

The MCK CITEL Universal 6000 EXTender 12 Port is compatible with all leading PBX platforms and digital handsets over IP connections, T1 ISDN, and Frame Relay. This EXTender will provide users with multiple options for 8 ports or 12 port configurations within their universal unit. This unit also will allow for a universal telephony system to scale with your enterprise as it can service anywhere from five to several hundred employees.


  • Full set of PBX/KTS feature for remote users
  • Circuit and packet-based networks are supported
  • Terminated and combination of MCK EXTender clients
  • Operated via direct serial, HTML connection or Telnet
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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