Citel / MCK 1000-4100 Series PBXgateways & EXTenders

MCK CITEL IP4100 VoIP PBX Gateway (E-4100G-SUC02)

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MCK CITEL IP4100 VoIP PBX Gateway - E-4100G-SUC02

The IP4100 PBX Gateway will provide users with 2 ports for either handset ports, Ethernet port to connect a desktop or laptop.


  • 2-Port Switch Device
  • Two Digital PBX Ports
  • Supported VOIP Protocols, G.729A (8 kbps), G.726 (24 or 32 kbps ADPCM), G.711 (64 kbps PCM), G.165 and RVPoIP
  • One RJ-45 COMM port
  • One RJ-45 LAN port
  • SNMP, InbandRVP, Telnet, PhoneDisplay and HTTP
  • Power Adapter Included
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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