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Konftel 800 Hybrid IP Conference Phone (910101088)

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Konftel 800 Hybrid IP Conference Phone (910101088)

The Konftel 800 is the IP conference phone to bring an experience of true delight to all kinds of distance meetings. It's based on a multi-connectivity platform to leverage hybrid conferencing and BYOD. The simple-to-use touch interface eliminates any stress from starting and managing the conference call.

The 800 comes equipped with the OmniSound audio technology which brings a natural sense of presence to the dialog. The pick-up range can be extended with two additional Konftel Smart Microphones.

When using the cascading feature, three Konftel 800 devices can daisy-chain to expand both the audio distribution and pick-up range for maximum coverage. There are several options for easy device management and auto-provisioning, including KonftelZero Touch Installation.


  • Meeting size: More than 20 people
  • Simple-to-use touch interface
  • Effortless phone and meeting management via Konftel Unite
  • Daisy-chain for maximum coverage
  • Hybrid: combine meeting app with phone calls
  • Built-in bridging function for 5-way calls
  • OmniSound
  • Supports Konftel Smart Microphones
  • USB for PC-based collaboration
  • Efficient scalable provisioning


  • SIP
  • USB 3.0
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC for easy pairing
  • Daisy-chain connection
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Konftel Smart Microphone ports

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