Executone Voicemail

Executone VXC 8 Port Voicemail (403033)

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Executone IDS Voice mail - VXC (4 or 8 ports) X 200 MBX (403033)

Details available by phone. Call for repair or trade in information if you have a defective unit that you'd like to replace.


  • Audio Text Response, Broadcast Announcements, Call Paging, Call Screening, Copy Messages, Envelope Information.
  • Expert Mode, Fixed Mode versus Day and Night Mode, Flexible Message Retrieval, Flexible Numbering, Floating Ports, Future Delivery, Homework Hotline.
  • Junior Administrator Boxes, Mailbox Linking, Mailbox Options, Message Reminder, Multiple Classes of Service, Multi-Tenant Operation, No-Response Detection, Notification of Message Non-Receipt.
  • Operator Back Up, Override Command, Password Protection, Q & A Mailboxes, Regular, Priority and Confidential Message Stamping, Remote Message Notification, Reply to Messages, Return Receipt Notification.
  • Schedule Mailbox Status, Mailboxes with Unique Addresses, Toggle Transfer Actions, Voice Messaging Group Lists.


  • Port Capacity: 4 & 8 Ports
  • Storage Capacity: 200 Hours
  • Mailboxes: Unlimited
  • Messages: Unlimited
  • Remote Modem: Optional
  • Operating System: MS-DOS
  • RAM: 8 MB

System Highlights:

  • Simple plug & play installation
  • Economical First-time user tutorial
  • Supports a full feature set
  • Unlimited customized greetings and menus
  • Holiday greetings
  • Dial by first or last name directory search

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