CallPilot 100 / 150

Norstar CallPilot 100 R3.1 (NTAB9865, NTAB9866)

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Call Pilot 100 R3.1 (NTAB9865, NTAB9866)

The Call Pilot 100 R3.1 is a voice messaging unit that provides users an expansion up to 40 mailboxes.

(Call for additional Mailbox units)


  • 2 port/4 channels, 10 active mailboxes (expandable to 40)
  • 9 hours of storage time
  • Auto Attendant
  • Custom Call Routing (CCR)
  • IP-enabled with 10/100 Ethernet Ports
  • Web-based administration and maintenance
  • Embedded applications are activated with a simple key code
  • Migration path to more sophisticated features
  • Shares common administration interface with Business Communications Manager (BCM)
  • For multi-site businesses - shares a common user interface with BCM and CallPilot for Meridian
  • Available globally in multiple languages


  • CICS and MICS systems require version 4.1 software or higher for CallPilot
  • Call Pilot does NOT integrate with the older 824 & 616 phone system cabinets (KSU's)

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