USB Headsets and Handsets for Avaya IP Softphone

Avaya AVD100 USB Headset (700212673)

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Avaya AVD100 USB Headset

The Avaya AVD100 USB Headset is a perfect solution for PC based telephony applications and IP softphones.


  • USB-enhanced digital sound quality
  • Hear the room around you with the single earpiece design
  • Rotating microphone boom for precise positioning
  • Convenient in-line controls for volume and mute
  • Noise-canceling microphone for greater speech accuracy
  • Lightweight design
  • One Year Warranty


The AVD100 USB headset is plug and play compatible. The following are some of the popular softphone clients that is compatible with.

  • Avaya IP Softphone, IP Agent, Softconsole
  • Cisco IP Communicator
  • Nortel IP Phone 2050
  • Compatible with consumer VoIP softphone applications such as Skype and Yahoo! Messenger
  • Compatible with SIP softphone applications such as X-Lite, Firefly, etc.

Package Includes

  • Avaya AVD100 USB Headset

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