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Avaya 3810 Wireless Phone (700305105)

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Avaya 3810 Wireless Phone (700305105)

The Avaya 3810 is a cordless telephone that works with Merlin Magix and Avaya IP Office systems. It provides access to all of your lines, puts calls on hold, shows incoming Caller ID, sets up conference calls and check messages while your away from your desk.


  • 900 MHz
  • 160 ft. range (80,000 square feet)
  • 2-line, 32 character handset liquid crystal display
  • Provides four displayed operation modes indicating Talk, Ringer On/Off, Battery Low, and Message Waiting
  • Single-button access to fixed features of Hold, Transfer, and Conference
  • 4 programmable buttons to access features on the Merlin Magix system
  • 2 programmable buttons to access switch features/line appearances and 2 intercom buttons on the Partner system
  • With 10 channels, Headset jack, Ringer and handset volume control and Vibrate alert


  • Compatible with Merlin Magix R1.5 or higher and IP Office R2.0 or higher
  • Connects to any available Magix TDL Port
  • Connects to an IP Office DS Port on the following modules - integrated DS port on IP400 control unit, DS port on IP400 Digital Station 16 V1/V2, IP400 Digital Station 30 V1/V2, IP500 Digital Station 16, IP500 Digital Station 16B, IP500 Digital Station 30, IP500 Digital Station 30B, and IP500 Combination ATM Card V1/V2

Operating Environment:

  • Recommended: 3 to 5 units connected per system in the same operating area
  • Maximum: 10 units connected per system in the same operating with proper site engineering
  • Base units must be placed at least 15 feet apart

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