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Algo 1825PM Duet Plus Analog Loud Ringer

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Algo 1825PM Duet Plus Analog Loud Ringer

The Algo 1825PM Duet Plus Analog Loud Ringer is a high performance low-frequency speaker for noisy or areas where telephone ringing is difficult to hear. The Duet Plus can also help to avoid missed calls due to a hearing impairment or where hearing protection is worn. The speaker features 90V analog telephone ringing via an RJ11 modular jack for interface to a CO line or to a telephone system FXS port or ATA. A telephone system night bell contact closure can also activate the Duet Plus, while systems only providing low voltage can be detected by the loud ringer as well.


  • Telephone loud ringing and alerting
  • Convenient 90 volt ring detection via an RJ11 modular jack. Low voltage detection also supported
  • Dry contact activation from a PBX night bell / auxiliary ring contact, Algo doorphone controllers, push button or sensor
  • Low frequency warble tone output provides effective non-irritating alerting up to 93 dBA at 1m
  • Adjustable volume and frequency controls to suit user preferences
  • Avaya IPO connectivity directly to an FXS port for “wet” paging for small or quiet area coverage where a single speaker is adequate
  • Auxiliary speaker output for connection to existing amplifier / public address (PA) system
  • Easy connectivity to Avaya IP Office using optional 2503 Wiring Kit
  • Optional 1186 Analog Horn Speaker available to provide increased volume for higher ambient noise environments and outdoor locations. With the addition of the horn speaker the Duet generates sound pressure up to 112 dBA at 1m
  • Combine visual alerting with 1128 Analog Strobe Light or 1127 Visual Alerter activated via the Duet’s speaker output
  • Ideal for loud ringing and alerting in a small warehouse, machine shop, garage, yard, farm, car lot, etc
  • Includes Power Supply and 2501 Modular Cord
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


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