Toshiba DP5000

Toshiba LM5110 Expansion Module

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Toshiba LM5110 10 Button Add-On Module

The Toshiba LM5110 is an expansion module with 10 programmable LCD keys. The LM5110 will provide 10 additional programmable keys on any of the DP5000 series phones (except the DP5008).


  • Provides 10-programmable buttons which can be assigned as:
    • CO line
    • Directory Number
    • DSS
    • One-touch
    • Speed Dial or any other flexible feature
  • Built-in adjustable base
  • Backlit LCD display
    • Connects directly to the telephone, does not need an additional port
    • UP to two Add-on modules can be attached to one phone


    • Compatible with any of the Toshiba DP5000 Series (except the DP5008)
    Package Includes:
    • LM5110 Add-on Module
    • Adapter cord

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