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Avaya Definity TN799C Control LAN (C-LAN) Interface Circuit Pack

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TN799C Control LAN (C-LAN) Interface

TN799C Control LAN (C-LAN) Interface simplifies the connection between adjunct equipment and Definity systems. The TN799C supplies a TCP/IP connection over Ethernet of PPP connections to applications.


  • Simplifies the connections
  • Provides TCP/IP connectivity over Ethernet or PPP connections to applications
  • Required to support the TN802B or TN2302AP IP Interface operating in MedPro mode for H.323 functionality
  • TN799/B compatible with R7r, R7si, and R7csi
  • TN799 supports the traceroute and netstat network testing commands
  • C-LAN acts as the firmware download interface to the UDS1 family of boards
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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