Partner Mail VS Release 1-5

Avaya Partner Mail VS R4.1 Voicemail (108107756)

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Partner VS R4.1 2X10 (6108-412)

The Partner VS R4.1 is an expandable device that will provide users up to 10 mailboxes and 240-minutes in voicemail storage.


  • Expands to either a 4-port, 20 mailbox system or a 4-port, 40-mailbox system with the addition of a PCM card
  • Automated Attendant Service answers and routes incoming calls
  • Call Answering Service allows caller to leave a message or transfer to another extension
  • Night Service feature for after-hours call handling
  • Mailbox Management


  • Full compatibility with all releases of Partner ACS
  • Partner Plus or Partner II systems release 3.1 or higher
  • Requires an empty slot in a Partner 2-slot or 5-slot carrier.

Exp. Card Configuration

System Configuration (After Upgrade)

Sale Price

4-Port x 20 Mailbox

4Port x 20Mbx x 9Hrs

see configurations for pricing above

4-Port x 40 Mailbox

4Port x 40Mbx x 17Hrs

see pricing in configuratons above

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