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Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit (50004459)

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Mitel 5310 Conferencing Unit (50004459)

The Mitel 5310 Conferencing Unit is a full-duplex IP conferencing unit that supports natural conversations while eliminating background noise. The user can expect to have exceptional voice quality and clarity in large meeting rooms. The Mitel 5310 connects a wide range of Mitel IP phones, giving users access to familiar telephony controls.

The Mitel 5310 uses beam-forming array technology to focus a microphone beam on the individual speaking, that will eliminate all ambient room noise and side conversations going on. The full-duplex operation supports natural conversation in either mode, allowing a conference user to enter a conversation without cutting off another speaker.


  • Full-duplex hands-free operation
  • Acoustic beam-forming technology
  • Noise reduction
  • Automatic gain technology to eliminate background noise
  • Integrated LED direction indicators
  • Dual-colored LEDs
  • Full telephony functionality through Mitel IP phones
  • Presentation mode allows the user to focus/freeze
  • Optional remote control mouse performs the function of on, off, mute, volume up / down, and presentation mode
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!



      *Please note the need for 1 of the below interfaces depending on the model phone being used. The 5220 and 5224 phones require the side conference unit 50004461. The 5230,5235,5324,5330, and 5340 phones require the conference unit module 50005321.

      • Mitel 5224 IP Telephone
      • Mitel 5535 IP Telephone
      • Mitel 5324 IP Telephone
      • Mitel 5330 IP Telephone
      • Mitel 5340 IP Telephone
      • Mitel 5360 IP Telephone
    • Mitel Networks 3300 Integrated Communications Platform, release 3.3, or later
    • Mitel Networks 3100 Integrated Communications Platform, release 4.0, or later
    • Mitel Networks SX-200 IP Node, Lightware 19, release 3.1, or later

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