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Avaya TransTalk MDW 9030 Wireless Phone w/ Radio Module

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TransTalk Pocket Phone MDW 9030 with Radio Module

The TransTalk Pocket Phone is not only a wireless pocket phone, but also very lightweight and enhances your performance with the radio module packaged with it.


  • Accesses up to 10 lines
  • LCD Display
  • Hold, Transfer, Conference, Redial
  • Quick battery recharger - only 2.5 hours
  • Message Waiting Indicator with Vibrator Alert
  • Feature programming access
  • Built-in Jack for headset
  • Includes TransTalk 9030 Phone, Radio Module, Desktop Recharger and Power Supply
  • 90 Day Warranty on all Wireless Products


  • Avaya Partner: any standard extension port
  • Avaya Magix: 016ETR module port
  • Avaya Definity: TN762B hybrid circuit pack port
  • Avaya Legend: any port on 008ATL, 408ATL, or 016ETR module
  • Avaya Merlin Plus, Merlin Classic, Merlin II: any ATL port

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