Legend 007 MLM Voice Mail

Legend 007 MLM 2-Port (7107-302)

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Legend Magix 007 MLM 2-Port

The Legend Magix 007 MLM 2-port allows you to receive or play back 2 simultaneous messages with up to 21 hours of message storage capacity.


  • 2 Ports
  • Play or receive messages simultaneous
  • Message storage: 21 hours (100 mailboxes)
  • Modular circuit pack slides right into Merlin Legend control unit
  • Extra wall space no needed
  • Automated Attendants with separate schedule for day, night, and holidays
  • Cascaded out calling
  • Personal operator to transfer callers from mailbox to co-worker
  • Message waiting light activated for new messages only
  • Toll fraud security

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