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Konftel 300 IP Conference Phone (910101079)

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Konftel 300 IP (910101063, 910101079)

The Konftel 300IP conference phone uses a SIP connection and provides companies natural sound due to OmniSound. This conference phone has a myriad of advanced features for more efficient conference calls. The Konftel 300IP has the ability to record and save meetings onto an SD card.

  • 910101063 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with the PoE version 910101079
  • The 300IP is equivalent to the Avaya B179;
    • When acquired by Avaya, Konftel's OmniSound audio technology was integrated into the Avaya product line. The Konftel 300IP was thus rebranded as the Avaya B179


  • SIP-based
  • OmniSound with HD audio
  • Built-in bridge for 5-way calls
  • Recorder capability
  • Web interface for simple management of contacts, conference groups, and settings
  • Supports auto-provisioning and Konftel zero-touch installation
  • Connection for wireless headsets and PA systems
  • Upgradable software


  • Network connection: RJ45, Ethernet 10/100 Base T
  • Power: Power over Ethernet IEE 802.3af
Package Includes
  • Konftel 300IP
  • Network cable (900103402)

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