IP500 V1 Control Unit and Base Cards

Avaya IP500 V1 Control Unit (700417207)

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Avaya IP500 Control Unit (700417207)

The Avaya IP500 Control Unit supports 32 extension using base cards, two trunk card slots, VCM card slot, up to 128 VCM channels, eight expansions ports, two LAN ports, and one dedicated feature key smart card slot.

IP500 Control Unit Modes

Default Mode: IP Office Standard Edition

IP Office Standard Edition supports 32 users, no external expansion modules and the basic IP Office applications.

IP Office Professional Edition Mode

Up to 272 extensions, eight external expansion modules, and the full suite of IP Office applications are supported in Professional Edition Mode.


  • Up to 32 extensions
  • Base card slots: 4
  • Trunk cards: 2
  • VCM card slots: 2
  • Expansion ports: 8
  • LAN ports: 2
  • Dedicated feature key smart card slot: 1
  • Music-on-hold slot
  • DTE port
  • External relay switch
  • Integral WAN port
  • Up to 30 Voicemail channels
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


  • Extensions - 32 using base cards and 32 maximum in IP Office Standard Edition mode. 272 using expansion modules and IP phones in IP Office Profession Edition mode.
  • Base Card Slots - Can accommodate Digital Station, Analog Phone, and VCM base cards. Also accommodates the Legacy Card Carrier.
  • Trunk Cards - Compatible with any combination of IP500 trunk daughter cards (require IP500 base card) and up to 2 IP400 trunk cards (require Legacy Card Carrier).
  • Expansion Ports - Compatible with Digital Station 16/30, Phone 8/16/30,So8, WAN3, and Analog Trunk 16.
  • VCM Card Slots - Up to a maximum of 128 channels using 2 IP500 VCM cards (require IP500 base card) and or 2 IP400 VCM cards (require Legacy Card Carrier)
  • REQUIRES IP500 Smart Card Feature Key (available under additional accessories)

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