IP400 External Expansion Modules

Avaya IP400 Phone 16 V2 Expansion Module (700359904)

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Avaya IP400 Phone 16 V2 (700359904)

The Avaya IP400 Phone 16 V2 provides an additional 16 Plain Ordinary Telephone (POT) ports for use with analog telephones.



  • IP403, IP406 V1, IP406 V2, and IP412 control units
  • IP500 control unit running Professional Edition

Changes from V1 to V2

  • 3-pin 60W external power supply unit
  • In IP OFfice 3.1, MWI on each POT port can be configured for none
  • POT ports on a Phone V2 module can additionally be configures as 101V operation
  • V2 ports do not include a ringing capacitor.
  • DTE serial port is now a 9-pin D-type socket
Package Includes
  • IP400 External Expansion Module
  • Power supply and power cord
  • Blue expansion interconnect cable

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