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NEC Aspire IP1NA-8COIU-LS1 8-CO LS Trunk Card (0891004)

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NEC Aspire 8-CO Loop Start Trunk Card (0891004) - IP1NA-8COIU-LS1

The NEC Aspire 8COIU-LS1 is an 8 Circuit LS Caller ID Trunk Card. It provides 8 Loop Start Trunks for the NEC Aspire phone system, but does not provide ground start. Additionally, it includes 8 trunk status LEDs, 8 Caller ID Circuits, 2 Power Failure Transfer Circuits, 1 PCB status LED, and 1 run/block switch.


  • Eight (8) analog loop start line/trunk circuits - no ground start
  • Eight (8) 8COIU-LS1 trunk status LEDs
  • Eight (8) Caller ID Circuits
  • Two (2) Power Failure Transfer Circuits
  • One (1) PCB status LED
  • One (1) run/block switch

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