Aspire-S Station Cards

NEC Aspire-S IP1WW-ENTU-S1 Ethernet Option Daughter Card (0891053)

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NEC Aspire-S LAN CTI Ethernet Interface Card (0891053) - IP1WW-ENTU-S1

The NEC Aspire-S LAN CTI ENTU-S Ethernet Interface Card provides an Ethernet port in order to support an Ethernet connection. An ENTU-S PCB is required when a VoIP PCB is installed. If the ENTU-S is not installed, the system will not start up.


  • Enables the following data communication Features PCPro, WebPro (for installer), WebPro (for user), SMDR Output to PC, and 3rd Part CTI
  • Will not work with the Aspire M, L or XL system
  • Maximum of 1 installed on CPU
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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