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NEC AC-2R IP Power Supply (780135)

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NEC AC-2R IP Power Supply

The NEC AC-2R IP Power Supply is used with the ITH, ITR and SL1100 IP phones only.


    • This is a power supply used for the ITR, ITH, ITL and SL1100 IP phones.
    • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


    • ITR Series: 32D-3, 16D-3, 8D-3, 16D-2, 4D-3
    • ITH Series: 16D-3, 8D-3, 4D-3
    • ITL Series: 320C-2, 32D-1, 24D-1, 12CG-3, 12DG-3, 12D-1, 8LD-1, 6DE-1, 2E-1
    • SL1100 Series: 1100061, 1100063, 1100161

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