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Yeastar D30 DSP Module

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Yeastar D30 DSP Module (YST-D30)

The Yeastar D30 Module is used to customize the connectivity of a compatible Yeastar S-Series phone system. The D30 is a DSP module, used to expand the capacity of PBX. With each D30 module added, the available extensions and concurrent calls increase by 100 and 30 respectively.

This module fits into one of the D-Slots on the Yeastar S100 or S300 PBX units.


  • Expands system capacity
  • Adds 100 VoIP Users
  • Adds 30 Concurrent Calls


  • Yeastar S100 (can support 1 D30 module)
  • Yeastar S300 (can support 2 D30 modules)

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