Fiber Expansion Modules (12x0, 0x16, 008ASM)

Nortel Fiber Cable Assembly (NTAB1829)

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Norstar Fiber Cable Assembly (NTAB1829)

The Norstar Fiber Cable Assembly is designed for MICS Expansion Units and will provide users with a way to connect either their fiber trunk, fiber station and analog station module to a Norstar MICS control unit.


  • Fiber optic cable assembly for MICS Expansion units
  • MICS control unit must have available fiber expansion port via 2-Port Fiber, 6-Port Fiber
    or 6-Port Fiber Combination expansion card
  • One Warranty


  • Compatible to connect with 12x0 Fiber Trunk, 0x16 Fiber Station and 0x8 Analog Station Modules
    to Norstar MICS control unit

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