Plantronics Encore Noise Canceling (Binaural) (H101N)
Over the Head Style Headsets

Plantronics Encore Noise Canceling (Binaural) (H101N)

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H101N Encore Noise Canceling (Binaural)

The H101N Encore NC Binaural headset will offer the user advanced abilitis such as quick disconnect and enhanced clear sound. The Plantronics Encore headset delivers superb sound quality, comfort, and reliability for many call centers and office professionals. For Encore sets the standard in premium sound quality is high with the unique Sound Enhancement System (SES). Users have the ability to choose a tone control that lets you select the level of bass and treble that you prefer for a full, rich sound.


  • Lightweight over-the-head style - Features an adjustable headband and soft ear cushions for stable fit and all-day comfort.
  • Click-stop headband - Provides superior fit and comfort.
  • Sound Enhancement System (SES) - Allows you to select bass or treble setting for full, rich sound.
  • Quick Disconnect - Lets you walk away from your phone while still wearing your headset.
  • 10 foot coil cord - Included with an adjustable clothing clip for freedom of movement
  • Dual earpiece headband style - For clear sound in both ears
  • Noise canceling microphone - For clear conversations in noisy environments


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