Avaya one-X Quick Edition G11 PSTN Gateway (700426018)
Avaya One-X Quick Edition

Avaya one-X Quick Edition G11 PSTN Gateway (700426018)

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Avaya One-X Quick Edition G11 PSTN Gateway (700426018)


  • The G11 PSTN Gateway is provided with 4 FXO line ports compatible with loop start lines, integrated 10/Base-T Ethernet connector for LAN connection, a 3.5 mm paging jack and a 3.5 mm music on-hold jack.
  • With Quick Edition 3.0 or greater, the G11 PSTN Gateway will configure itself automatically when connect to your LAN connection.
  • An analog telephone (Bypass) port is included for emergency connections to PSTN.
  • Uses a 12V-1.0A Adaptor (Supplied) or POE
  • One Year Warranty Included

Requirements and Capability

  • Compatible with other 4610 and 4621 Quick Edition telephones within the Avaya one-X Quick Edition network
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