R9.0 & 9.1 Edition Licenses

Avaya IP Office Server Edition Upgrade ADI License R9 (302260)

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Avaya IP Office R9 Server Edition Upgrade ADI License (302260)

The Avaya IP Office R9 Server Edition Upgrade ADI License will upgrade users existing IP Office to the Server Edition.


  • Upgrades IP Office to the Server Edition; the Server Edition Upgrade License material code is: IPO R9 UPG SE ADI LIC (302260)
  • Licenses for a Server Edition network are based on a combination of centralized licensing done
    through the Primary Server along with a couple Server Specific Licenses
  • Centralized licenses are entered into the configuration of the Primary Server and
    are based on the System Identification of that server
  • When a Centralized License is used to enable features on other systems - the Primary Server
    only allocates those licenses to other systems after it has met its own license needs
  • When another system loses its connection to the Primary Server - any license requirements based on those
    licenses entered in the Primary Server's configuration are supported for a grace period of 15 days
    provided the system is not restarted
  • Other server specific licenses are entered into the configuration of the server requiring the feature and
    are based on the system identification of that system
  • One Server Edition License is required for the Primary Server, the Secondary Server and for each expansion system
  • An external One-X Portal Server does not require a Server Edition License
  • When Voicemail Pro is deployed on the Secondary Server, additional Voicemail channels must be installed
    locally on the Secondary Server for the service to work when the Primary Server is offline or unreachable
  • Enables support for the Voicemail Pro Application on the Primary Server and Secondary Servers,
    with default support for 2 Voicemail Channels
  • The license enables voice networking between systems in the Server Edition Network


  • Compatible with IP Office R6.0 - R9.1 systems
  • Additional licenses may be required
  • Will NOT work on R10.0 or higher
  • Unsupported Licenses Include: Essential and Preferred Edition, IP500 Voice Networking, Teleworker,
    Mobile Worker Licenses, Embedded Messaging Ports, CCR Agent and Supervisor, Voicemail Pro Networked Messaging
    Database Interface, Visual Basic Script, CCC, VCM Channels and Mobility

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