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Avaya IP Office Server Edition ADI License (339100) R9.1

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Avaya IP Office R9.1 Server Edition ADI License (339100)

The Avaya IP Office R9.1 Server Edition ADI License will provide user with a networked solution that can support multiple servers. The IP Office Server Edition will enhance ways to simplify your management and operation. This license will perform most ideally for midsize businesses - delivering mastered communication, increasing growth and effortless management.


  • Each Server can host a number of different applications depending on the servers role;
    Server Edition Primary Server, Server Edition Secondary Server and Server Edition Expansion System
  • Web Control Menus can be accessed as part of the IP Office Web Management Menus for Server Edition
  • Compatibility

    • Compatible with IP Office R6.0 - R9.1 systems
    • Additional licenses may be required
    • Will NOT work on R10.0 or higher

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